You know the minute someone wants to connect with you.

B2B advertising made easy.

Instant Relief for B2B Advertisers

Stop losing leads! There’s an 80% decrease in lead qualification if you take more than 5 minutes to respond to a new lead. DNA sends you a notification the minute someone fills out your lead form, making it easy to follow up with new leads quickly.

Skyrocket your performance

Tell us your goal and we’ll help you reach it – whenever it may be. DNA helps you target the right people, at the right time, on your ad platform(s) of choice, and monitors data every 14 minutes. Get more leads, and remarket to them in one click.

AI skyrockets your ad performance.

Fuel Your Advertising Strategy

Use DNA to enhance your lead generation and advertising strategy. Manage all your ads from one place, and get quality leads like you’ve never seen before.

Leverage AI Driven Media Buying and Analysis

AI is the competitive advantage you need. DNA analyzes your campaigns 100 times a day, and applies the best pratices for optimal results.

Experience easy to use AI-driven features: unified oayments, budget management, automatic media formatting and more.


“If I didn’t see it for myself I never would have believed it. Six-times more clicks per dollar, and I cut my workload by 90%!”



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