Get right to your audience using unified advertising

Multi-location brand advertising made easy.

Instant Relief for Multi-Location Brands.

Publishing an ad to different locations and different audiences can be time consuming, and costly. DNA solves both of these problems. Experience unified advertising, get hours back, and stop wasting ad dollars.

Fuel Your Advertising Strategy

Use Beam.City DNA to run personalized ads for all your locations across any channel of your choice. Test your ads in one click to see what resonates with your various audiences.

AI monitors, learns and improves your strategy

Leverage AI Driven Media Buying and Analysis

AI is the competitive advantage you need. DNA will find your target audience down to the zip code, and learn how and when to show your content to optimize your results. Experience easy to use AI-driven features: unified payments, budget management, automatic media formatting and more.

Skyrocket your Google performance.

Tell us your goal and we’ll help to reach it – whenever it may be. DNA helps you target the right people, at the right time, on your ad platform(s) of choice, and monitors data every 14 minutes. Target users by location, and get exclusive insights on your audience.


“If I didn’t see it for myself I never would have believed it. Six-times more clicks per dollar, and I cut my workload by 90%!”



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