Gain the Edge in Advertising Technology

Digital Advertising is overwhelming – Get a technology partner that will help your members achieve their advertising and social goals from one tool.
Help businesses advertise better!

Perks and Discounts
Partners get a free, complementary DNA account for their own ad campaigns, and exclusive discount on additional services. Your members get access to periodic perks in the form of ad credits, they get to test Beta features, and learn:
  • How to use data like a genius
  • Advanced ad strategies for optimal results
  • How to make web pages that actually convert
  • Elevate your content creation strategy
  • Tips and tricks for social media
Advertising Training
Advertisers need all the help they can get – Partners offer their members a customized 6 to 8 week program to train them, with their own DNA account. Offer this one time, or a few times a year.
They’ll thank you for it!
  • Use DNA to do your ads, analytics and billing from 21 tools to one.
  • AI works 24/7 to take your budget farther.